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Ultimate Dunker (Android) Downloadable Link:

Dentotronix, Inc. is a new startup gaming company with new apps for Facebook, other versions for iOS & Android. As a company, we are relativity young but we are assembling a bright and innovative team of sharp individuals that keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry. Starting from a simple concept, we took the founders love of people, fun and games and infused it with colorful products to create a dynamic experience. We like to say that we are ” Changing the world one game at a time ” and that is how we feel. People are our most trusted asset because they are the life blood of the industry as well as this company. We all share a sense of hope and pride when we work hard to achieve a task and here at Dentotronix we work diligently to bring you the best gaming experience  humanly possible that this industry has to offer. Dentotronix video, games and apps.

or email: dentotronix@gmail.comcropped-create_thumb.png